About JP Attorneys

All services provided by the law firm JP Attorneys reflect our three inseparable core values: expertise, integrity and respect. 

We treat our clients, colleagues, opponents, the courts and the authorities with integrity. We provide services guided by integrity and the professional expertise arising from superior qualifications and extensive experience to secure the best available results for our clients. We show due respect for the law as a discipline, our clients and the judicial system.

JP Attorneys offer all general legal services to domestic and foreign companies, individuals and public authorities and institutions. Decades of practice have helped us acquire specialised capabilities in many legal areas. JP Attorneys have sound experience in pleading cases before both the District Courts and the Supreme Court of Iceland. Our clients can rely on professional and proficient service from skilled attorneys who make every effort to achieve the best available results on their behalf.

The law firm JP Attorneys traces its history back to 1969 when the firm’s founder Johann H. Nielsson set up his legal practice. Mr. Nielsson built himself a reputation for honesty and integrity during his many years of law practice, and became a true role model for those who have followed in his footsteps.